Decisiveness for moral revolution

We tend to wander around when we face moral challenges in our daily lives. It happens several times that we know that we are morally wrong but we still do not take step to undone such acts. The voice of conscience gets weakened when we fail to exercise it decisively. It also requires continuous moral top up so that whenever we face moral dilemmas that voice of conscience can be heard clearly.

When we have choices which seem easy in short term but their long term ramifications are far reaching. Such choices if exercised in continuous basis will surely become foundation for our moral degradation. These short sighted options carry self justifying reasons, which has some reasoning making our task easier. But we betray ourselves with such justification.

we need moral revolution to tackle such dilemmas. we need to be more decisive in our approach. we need to have clear and objective moral reasoning which has long term vision, so that our act become ideal and exemplary in nature.

Because a moral weak person can not be a good friend, parent, teacher and a responsible citizen.

IVF in old age and medical ethics

Sometimes science provides answers to the call of hope. After living years as a childless couple some old people adopt IVF technology to have babies. However this has not been so easy, there are medical ethics debate taking place. Risking the lives of older woman is one of the such concern. But women are willingly want to take such risk because the rewards a too high. Erasing the stigma of Baangh (infertile) is the one such reward.