Overseas Sycophancy and Economy

Do you think the diplomacy can improve economic prospects for our country in overseas markets? I certainly believe in that capacity. In this piece of article I will not discuss about whether we have capacity of our bureaucrats. Here question is about diaspora involvement in economic affairs.

How they benefit our economy? I hardly dare to question their contribution. but i owe to my own conscience that I can question their commitment and integrity to cause of Idea of INDIA. Do they see every thing rosy at back home? or their support is just to get benefit for their own commercial entities. I have to analyse prevailing level on investment done by such major players. but keeping these facts apart can we talk about their intention. ‘

Who will guard the guardians?

While giving it’s judgement in SHRIRANG YADAVRAO WAGHMARE VERSUS THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA AND ORS, the SC judges made several observations related to how a judicial officer must show impeccable conduct not only in his professional life but also in personal life.

Today I came across some disturbing visuals in which a retired HC judge Justice Nooty Rammohan Rao, allegedly physically assaulted his daughter in law over dowry demand. I was so moved by this video that I decided to write a piece of blog. I saw little kids on the floor watching helplessly their mother being beaten by their father, Grandfather and Grandmother. I can myself imagine such things in rural India or even in lower, and lower middle class or whatever middle class you may call. but when I saw a Justice being involved in such an act is disturbing.

How can a man who has served Higher judiciary for years in justice delivery system himself perpetuates injustice in his own home?

Justice in act of injustice

Netas You are failing us.

I observed 2019 general elections very closely. I was hoping against hope for anti incumbency which in fact turn out to be pro incumbency. BJP tally for 2019 broke its previous record. Those who voted back BJP in power they had their own reason, we can not question the reasoning of entire political franchise. So I decided why not scrutinize the efforts from our political class? Were they capable of being an effective opposition?