UPSC Ethics daily answer writing Practice 8th February

UPSC Ethics daily answer writing Practice 8th February 

Topic:Lessons from the Lives and Teachings of Great Leaders, Reformers and Administrators; 

Question: To what extent lessons from the lives of great leaders can help you in your ethical development? Give your view using relevant examples.(Answer in 150 words)10

General analysis of the Question:

There are two aspects you need to keep in your mind while answering this question, first you should mention key ethical principles and values observed or propagated by great leaders, second you suppose to mention how these lessons help you in improving your understanding or conduct in more ethical manner.

Introduce by mentioning lives of great people have profound impact on millions of people across the world. The messages from their lives enlighten the lives of others and bring hope, positivity and attitudinal change. They are being treated as role models.

Addressing first aspect: cite example of any great leader

For example: A P J Abdul Kalam: his simplicity, passion towards work and humility are some of the qualities which must be observed. Here you can also mention the contributions of APJ Abdul Kalam which make him a great leader.

Addressing second aspect: now you have to link above aspect with your ethical development. First you write that you were very casual about your work responsibility before following the APJ Abdul Kalam and after you learnt about his great qualities, you were moved by his passion, sincerity and accountability towards his work. After that you started observing these principles in your own life, it has been changes significantly.

Key suggestion: these kinds of question give you an opportunity to write as per your liberty and add some dimensions or examples from your own life. In some questions UPSC purposefully gives instructions where you suppose to write your views and examples. This always makes your answer more organic and original.