Daily answer writing UPSC

1. GS Daily answer writing

Objective of the course:

Identifying the key issue with your writing skills. We work continuously with you so that you improve your performance gradually and secure good marks in the Main exam.

Dedicated Mentor will assist you in every stages of your writing skills development process.

Course components:

  • Daily two questions for Main exam .
  • (Mon-Fri) 5 days a week.

(You can choose questions from any source e.g previous Years questions.)

  • Evaluation within a day. (Within 12 hours)
  • Weekly one to one personal discussion with Mentor.
  • Monthly progress discussion with proper SWOT analysis.

Course duration and FEE structure:

  1. One month                                   2000/-

2. Three Months : Not available

3. One year  : Not available


2. Ethics daily answer writing

Objective of the course: you will be able to tackle ethics questions without any specific studies. The basic common sense behind the ethics theory will be explored.

course components:

One question per day.

Evaluation within a day.( within 12 hours)

One to one discussion with mentor

(Mon-Fri) 5 days a week

Course duration and FEE structure:

One month : 1000/-
Three months:  : Not available

One year :  : Not available

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1. 60 case studies TEST SERIES 

Objective of the course:

It will prepare you to write effectively any kind of case studies in the stipulated time.

  • 10 tests consisting of 6 case studies each.
  • Test duration: One and half hour 
  • Weekly tests.
  • Toppers copies will be provided for reference.
  • Evaluated copy within 5 days.
  • Flexible timings
  • One to one discussion with mentor
  • course fee : 6000/-
  • Per test format: ₹600 per test can be paid.

2. Ethics test series

objective: The tests are designed to prepare candidates to attempt entire paper within stipulated time with quality answers.

  • Number of tests: 6 full length tests
  • Test duration : 3 hours
  • Toppers copies will be provided for reference.
  • Evaluated copy within 5 days.
  • One to one discussion with mentor
  • Course fee: 6000/-
  • Flexible timings
  • Per test format: ₹1000 per test can be paid.

3. Essay Test series

Objective of the course: Practicing essay writing will make you more confident about your essay writing skills.

5 essay tests consisting 4 essays each.

Copy Evaluation within 5 days so that you can improve proactively.

One to one discussion with Mentor.

SWOT analysis of essay writing skills.

Flexible timings (optional).

Affordable fee: 2500/-

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Admission Procedure


  1. admission link will be open on last day of the month. (Only 10 students per month ).Check telegram for updates.
    Choose your courses from the given list and select the monthly schedule.
  2. Fill up the registration form and pay your fee.
  • Send the payment screenshot to
  • You will be sent an admission confirmation form. Fill up that form.
  • After confirmation form, mail ids will be provided to you.(For the submission for your answers).
  • Questions will be uploaded on website for daily answer writing:

 (Links will be provided on Telegram too)

                            For ethics daily answer writing: 9:30 am (Monday to Friday) 1 Question per day

                            For GS daily answer writing: write questions from any source and get those evaluated.    2 Questions per day

                            For Case studies, Ethics and Essay test series: Timing is flexible.

  • Try to write your answer within 8 to 9 minutes ideally and send it to the specific mails. However you can write answers as per your convenient time. But for the same day evaluation (within 12 hours) you should send answers before 6 PM. Answers sent after 6 PM will be evaluated next day.
  • Reference answers will be featured on the website.
  • You will be provided Your Mentor’s number. You can contact your mentor by sending a message and arrange a mentoring call accordingly.
  • Your subscription for answer writing will be valid for the subscribed duration. Your subscription will start the day you fill up Admission confirmation form.
  • For any queries mail at