We value this quality of human behavior. An honest expression consolidate trust between two people. They cooperate amicably in all difficult situations together. They know that whatever a person said or promised will be done by him. Honesty increases the survival rate of any relations.

When a child to his or her parents that he smoked first time when being inquired. It is an honest expression where person adhered to the truth. He expressed the facts as these are. There was no alteration with the statements as the intention was clear just explain the facts as they are. But when a person out of strong conscience admits something proactively or resist something which is attractive at that movement , it reflects a better quality which is a step ahead of honesty. It is integrity where not only the honesty is embedded in the person character but also strict adherence to other ethical qualities which brings consistency in one’s behavior.

For example an official who has power to sanction loans, come across the situation where he is being offered huge amount as a commission to sanction the loan. Here honesty alone is not sufficient. as honesty comes into action when your action is being questioned or subject to scrutinize. But in this situation there is compelling amount is being offered and honest officer may tell to his colleague that he is being offered that much amount. If the other officer does not have correct moral vis-a-vis corrupt practices, may suggest him to go ahead as it is matter of some extra income and ultimately he is facilitating them in providing the funds smoothly.

Such justification may led to temptation to adopt corrupt practices for some personal gains. Here thought the officer in question was honest to his friend however he does not maintain his integrity.

In future also when if he will be inquired by any superior there are the chances that he would accept that he was involved in the corruption as he is honest. but with compromised integrity he lost the most cherished gem of his character.

Thus, it is important to upheld both these ethical values together. These should not be separated. The integrity should not be compromised but the honesty can be compromised to safeguard integrity. As the latter has more moral strength than the former.