PSIR DeepAnalysis

Authentic Self

The true you; aligned and congruent self image, stature, values, beliefs, goals, behavior, word, and public image.

Becoming Authentic

To become your authentic self begin by knowing yourself. Understand: human nature, what you can change and what you cannot, your own personality traits, learned behaviors, and your values, beliefs, sense of justice, needs, goals, and motives. Integrate these to form your personal model for human interaction. Analyze the events, choices, and people who have contributed to your self-spiral throughout your life. Understand what guides you throughout your life. Discover your signature strengths, and the basis of your true stature. Then apply those signature strengths toward your authentic goals. Become an authentic person by aligning your self image, stature, and public image. Have the courage to acknowledge your limitations and embrace your vulnerability. Gain the confidence to be humble. Choose to be content. Work toward integration, alignment, and congruence of what is with your values, beliefs, and actions. Express yourself authentically. Do what you say. Do who you are.