PSIR DeepAnalysis

Fight at grassroots is different

When we go at grassroots for policy implementation, things are very different from what we read in mainstream literature. We encounter various types of issues, the most prominent is about perception of being a part of welfare state. People at grassroots are different kind of beneficiaries they expect help from government a kind of favor bestowed upon them. They fail to perceive it as their right and it is justified also because it is their political socialization which get reflected in this thought process. For example if one wants to avail a house under a government scheme, the person thinks that whatever it gets is a matter of lottery, a kind of good fortune that he gets because some good officers acted proactively, or may be it is local politician who help him to get this benefit.

He does not question the manner this benefit reaches to him. If it gets late he does demand it as a matter of promise made not an welfare state’s entitlement to its citizen. This lack of right awareness is being continuously being misused by political class for their electoral engineering.