Language competence

Simple and to the Point expression is key to secure very good marks. You need to clearly express what you really think about particular situation.

Some tips you should remember:

  1. This is ethics paper, so please never ever use such words which shows that you are not socially responsible person. Your language must reflect the dignity.
  2. Too much emphasis on I, ME, MYSELF should be avoided. It reflect too strong ego. Some students write I will do that, I have power to do that, such expression should be avoided. Remember they are testing you how will you handle the authority given. Are you capable of becoming an officer? Will you use powers given responsibly?
  3. Never write insensitive remarks, suggestions, options. For example in one case study a student wrote for a situation in which he supposed to safeguard the life of a reporter from mob, He wrote that I will handover the person in crisis to mob as I also fear for my life. This should not be your approach you must have to find out solutions.
  4. Never glorify when you are given some authority. Some students write I am an IAS officer , I enjoy immense prestige. (It reflects elitist attitude).