PSIR DeepAnalysis

Writing Response

You can be asked to write:

Writing Response is main part of our answer. Here you deal with the key issues given.

Things to remember:

  1. You will have to stick to the key instructions given in the case study. For example if the instruction is to write your response to the case given, you should not write options available to you. Because you have not been asked to provide such details and you will end up wasting your precious time in writing a thing which going to irritate the examiner.
  2. Your response should be based on the given facts.
  3. You must use the given authority(if given) responsibly.
  4. Always remember you are writing an Ethics paper therefore try not to write unethical response.
  5. Try to involve every stakeholder, even if stakeholders such as civil society, NGOs, Judiciary and Panchayati Raj institutions are not directly mentioned, you can write their contribution in resolving any issue at hand. (But always remember the context and demand of case study)

i) Options available: You will find this instructions many times in previous years questions.

your response: Here this can mean different things, for that you will have to assess the context of the question. This can