PSIR DeepAnalysis

30 Dec 5 MCQs

Q.1 Which Tiger Reserve forms the north-eastern limit of the Indian tigers’?





Q.2 In the delta region of which river is the Coringa WLS situated?

  1. Krishna
  2. Kaveri
  3. Godavari
  4. Mahanadi

Q.3 What is the reason for the ascent of tree line of the Estern HIMALYAS in comparison to the Western Himalayas?

  1. Rich soil
  2. Higher humidity and rainfall
  3. Latitude variation
  4. Longitude variation

Q.4 Why there is a need for constant infusion of wild genes in the cultivated species?

  1. To maintain the genetic diversity of cultivated plants
  2. To increase disease resistance in cultivars
  3. None of the above
  4. Both a and b

Q.5 People of which tribe in Kerala cure their urinary disorders by the seeds of wild banana?

  1. Kol
  2. Irula
  3. Kadar
  4. Kuriche