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MCQs 31 Dec 2019

MCQs 31 Dec 2019

  1. Name a mammal that thrives on carion and carcass of animals. It is represented by a single species in the family in India, However , 5 fossil species have been identified in siwalik deposites:

(a)Striped Hyena


(c) Chausingha

 (d)None of the above

  • Name the National Park in Maharashtra that shares the boundary with a national park of same name in MP.

(a)Sanjay Gandhi NP

(b)Pench NP

(c)Melghat NP


  • Which sanctuary was formed to protect the Gharial and stretches across three states- MP, UP And Rajasthan?

       (a)National Chambhal Sanctuary


        (c)Bori sanctuary

        (d)Pachmarhi sanctuary

  • Which resident duck of tropical evergreen forests of North-east India is currently facing the threat of extinction?

(a)Spotbill Duck

(b)Tree Duck

(c)Tufted Duck

 (d)Whitewinged Wood Duck

  • Which of the following animals have tusks?

(a)The Dugong

 (b)Killer whale

 (c)Sperm whale

 (d)None of the above