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MCQs 1 JAN 2020

MCQs 1 JAN 2020


In the Indian subcontinent here are tow species of Dolphines adapted to freshwater habitat. One is the Ganges Dolphine and the second:

(A)Common Dolphin

(B)Plumbeous Dolphin

(C)Bottle-nosed Dolphin

(D)Indus Dolphin


Which Deer in India is considered as morphological (structure) position between the Deer and the Antelope?

(a)Musk Deer

(b)Barking Deer

(c)Hog Deer

(d)Spotted Deer


Which animal, believed to have been extinct, was discovered surviving along the foothills of Assam?


(b)Pygmy Hog


(d)Brown Bear


Name a protected area that lies between the Erramalai and Nallamalai ranges of Eastern Ghat and enjoys two breeding seasons for Great Indian Bustard:






In which protected area in India you find the 10th century rock images of the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu:

(a)Kanha NP



(d)Nagarhole NP