Topic 3rd March Daily answer writing

Topic 1: Indian Constitution: Features

  • Written
  • Flexible & Rigid
  • Federal & Unitary
  • Parliamentary Form of Government (Presidential vs. Parliamentary Type of Government)
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Judicial Review
  • Universal Adult Franchise
  • Single Citizenship
  • Separation of Powers

Other such features

Previous Years’ Questions Main exam:

Main 2013 : Discuss Section 66A of IT Act, with reference to its alleged violation of Article 19 of the Constitution. (Fundamental Rights)

Main 2014: What do you understand by the concept “freedom of speech and expression”? Does it cover hate speech also? Why do the films in India stand on a slightly different plane from other forms of expression? Discuss. (Fundamental Rights)

Main 2015:
Does the right to clean environment entail legal regulation on burning crackers during Diwali? Discuss in the light of Article 21 of Indian Constitution and Judgement(s) of the Apex court in this regard.

Discuss the possible factors that inhibit India from enacting for its citizen a uniform civil code as provided for in the Directive Principles of State Policy.

Main 2016:
Discuss each adjective attached to the word ‘Republic’ in the ‘Preamble’. Are they defendable in the present circumstances?

Main 2017: Examine the scope of Fundamental Rights in the light of the latest judgement of the Supreme Court on Right to Privacy.