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Corona case study challenge

A deadly virus which is highly contagious spreads all over the world. In absence of any vaccine it proved fatal for thousands of people across the globe. It has been declared a pandemic by WHO. As most of the affected countries are developed one which have more robust health system as compared to developing countries.,

When it was at community transmission stage in those countries, it was not anticipated that this situation will soon be faced by every country.When it started spreading in India, government announced 21 days lockdown across the country. This sudden decision disrupted the lives of millions of people especially the poor and vulnerable. They were asked to vacate their rented accommodations. They do not have any means to sustain such a lockdown. Most of the migrant workers left for their native places. They are detained and mercilessly beaten at state borders.

Explore ethical issues of case study. Do you think that it is the most vulnerable sections of society which adversely get impacted with such decisions? Explain your view with concrete reasons. Suppose you are chief secretary who have authority to chart a roadmap to tackle the challenge. What will be your response to the situation?