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17th May 6 questions weekly test

17th May 6 questions weekly test 

Question 1: What do you understand by Moral courage? Give examples of circumstances when you were morally courageous.

Question 2: Do you think Accountability enforced through formal oversight mechanisms is not sufficient for ethical infrastructure at institutional level? Discuss.

Question 3: what are the possible reasons for prevailing prejudices in our society? How social persuasion can be used to address such prejudices?

Question 4: “ Good people do not need law while bad people always find their way around law.” Plato Analyse the relevance of above quote in contemporary times.

Question 5: what qualities should a person possess for a good character? Do you think a person with good character is always ethical? Justify your view.

Question 6: Do you think honesty is still a best policy? If so, then how is it justified when honest public officials are being punished for their honest acts? Discuss 

Stipulated time: one hour

Send answers till 9:15 PM