PSIR DeepAnalysis

Why we wait for 9:30 am ?

We all wait for 9:30 am. You wait for your daily question and we wait for your daily answers.

This 9:30 am time has its own benefits. This gives you a good start for your day. A positive start. After writing answer, you must have felt that you have done one of the most important work of the day. This sense of accomplishment motivates you to study afterwards.

We get your mails , messages that how this exercise has become your habit. This habit will sail you through this exam.

Those who have been writing answers on daily basis already have edge over there who are still planning. Look at this Honesty poll result:

Those who are consistent they have moved themselves into the league of achievers. If you are consistent from last month your are in the group of these 17% students who have written more than 10 answers. You are doing excellent.

What it takes to write answer?Time , money, and any other thing. What you think? We think it is a student’s determination to improve writing skills.
Even we provided free writing answers courses with proper guidance, people still busy complaining about their circumstances and making excuses. See this.

Therefore we congratulate you for your efforts. You complete more than a full length paper after one month daily answer writing.

If you do a cost benefit analysis you will realise how exciting this daily exercise can be.

Apart from writing and learning from mistakes every single day, it saves aspirants from those coaching institutions where they pay hefty fee for test series for writing skills improvement and don’t write a single test. Postponing it till the institute refuses to renew their test subscription.

But here you achieve this at very nominal cost, or even without cost.

However it requires considerable moral strength to write answers every single day ( even it seems that you are not improving). Some of you think that your performance has not been improving. This is quite frustrating experience. We can understand that. It is also painful for us when we read your comments that you don’t see any improvement.

But you can not quit. You are not losers. You are born to win. You will have to move beyond this. Improvement will come gradually. You will feel, we will feel and your UPSC examiners will feel. Ultimately everyone will feel when you will excel in your main exam. Have patience dear friends we will do miracles. You all have tremendous potential.
some of you already started feeling that.

Keep writing friends. Give your best, you will never regret that you did not put your all efforts. We will also put our all energies to make things happen to you more successfully.

All the best champions.

WITH great regards and love