Third Weekly speed and quality enrichment test

Third  Weekly speed and quality enrichment test

31st May 6 questions weekly test 

Question 1:

Values without institutional support will soon be weakened and dissipated. In light if above statement, examine the role of institutional measures in promoting ethical conduct of public servants.

Question 2: Do you think that we can have a set of universal ethics to be followed by all nations in contemporary times? Substantiate you view.

Question 3:

To what extent schooling played a role in your character development? Explain 

Question 4: There is a view that social norms propagate stereotypes. Chart a strategy to address prejudices and stereotypes based on social norms.

Question 5: “courage is knowing what not to fear” Plato 

Question 6: what do you understand by civic virtue? Do you think our society have such virtues? Explain with help of examples.

Stipulated time: one hour

Send answers till 9:15 PM