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1st June questions UPSC mains 2020 GS Daily answer writing programme

1st June UPSC mains 2020 GS Daily answer writing programme 

Question 1: The Govt. of India act 1935, though failed to satisfy the feeling and urges of politically conscious people, considered as an important milestone on the road of full responsible government. Discuss.

Question 2: To what extent Government of India Act 1858 can be considered as an act of good government? Explain

Instructions: UPSC MAIN 2020 Daily answer writing programme 

  1. Read question carefully. Try to understand the main idea or theme of the question. If question is statement based you should try to assess the context of the statement. This will help you to identify the demand of question clearly.
  2. Now your content should be directed to address the main demand of question. You must write what examiner has asked, not what you know. It means you should not try to overload your answer with unnecessary content.
  3. Your content should be written in a logical order. The arguments must culminate into a meaningful answer. It should not be disorderly. Even if your content is relevant, the answer will not be effective if you don’t write it in an orderly fashion.
  4. Structure: there are several ways to introduce and conclude . We will discuss these time and again.