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UPSC Ethics daily answer writing Practice October 14th

UPSC Ethics daily answer writing Practice October 14th

Question: Analyse the situations where a civil servant needs ethical guidance. To what extent conscience can be accepted as a trusted source of ethical guidance for civil servants? Substantiate your view.

Ethics daily answer writing mentoring programme:

Daily ethics answer writing will help you to prepare yourself to write effective answers in UPSC main 2020. 

It ensures consistency in your efforts. With daily evaluation You can easily identify your key shortcomings and improve proactively. 

After writing answer you can comment below about how do you feel about the above question.

 • How much time it took to properly interpret the question?

 • Can you easily identified the main theme?

 • Are you able to relate it to the specific topic of GS 4 Ethics.

 • Could you think of related examples?

 • any other issue you would like to point out.