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UPSC Ethics daily answer writing Practice Model answer 27th January 2022

UPSC Ethics daily answer writing Practice Model answer 27th January 2022

Topic:Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, Determinants and Consequences of Ethics in – Human Actions; Dimensions of Ethics; (Basic theory questions from ethics will be asked)

Question: The crisis of ethical values in modern times is traced to a narrow perception of the good life. Discuss.(Answer in 150 words)10. UPSC previous year question 2018.


Introduction: introduce the idea of good life or some examples related to crisis of ethical values.

Body: link crisis of ethical values with narrow perception of the good life and explore the significance of ethical values for leading a good life.


Answer: The idea of good life has been a matter of great concern for Greek Philosophers. Their aim was to develop certain principles which help man to lead a good life. Plato saw the good life for man in terms of a personal attainment of well being. In this level man’s reason would regulate and order all functions of the irrational appetites.

 For Aristotle it is a life which is guided by cardinal virtues like Justice, wisdom, temperance and courage. The life of human beings must be directed towards achieving the highest good which is a virtues life.

In present times, we witness certain crimes which are done to achieve narrow idea of good life. for example Vijay Mallaya, Nirav Modi did massive financial scams to lead a comfortable lives. Their lives did not have any moral or ethical basis. In present times having massive wealth, Fame and power are linked with the idea of good life. However it is not true as we witness several film stars, successful business man and bureaucrats committing suicide.  

Therefore we must attach importance to several good virtues, like kindness, compassion, love and empathy. We have examples like M K Gandhi, Mother Teresa who lived a blissful lives while helping millions of people through their acts of kindness.