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Ethics daily answer writing model answers 1st June 2023

Ethics daily answer writing model answers 1st June 2023

Question 1: What do you understand by moral conscientiousness? Do you think that moral conscientiousness can always result in ethically upright conduct? Substantiate with relevant examples.

(Answer in 150 words)10


First write a simple definition. It should be clear and exact in its expression. You can also add an example with it.

In second part of the answer, you should write your opinion about maintaining moral conscientiousness and its relationship with ethically upright conduct. Substantiate with some examples.

Conclude in meaningful manner.

Model hint:

Moral conscientiousness is firmness of purpose in seeking to do what is morally right. A morally conscientious person self-consciously intends to avoid wrong doing.

Moral conscientiousness resulting into ethical upright conduct depends upon critical assessment of one’s good conscience reflecting upon prevailing ethical values of that time. A rigid adherence to moral conscientiousness may result into compromising the essence of ethical act.

For example as per one’s moral conscientiousness, adherence of government rules and regulations is important and person acts accordingly even if the law or rules are unjust or unfair and defeating the idea of natural justice.

Thus a careful scrutiny of moral beliefs should be done so that moral conscientiousness should result into ethically upright conduct.







Question 2: How does morality improve human lives? Enumerate various difficulties one faces while leading a morally upright life.

(Answer in 150 words)10.

Approach: Define morality first. Mention the positive changes brought by adherence of moral values in one’s life.

In second part of the answer, you should write various challenges which are being faced while leading a morally upright life.

Conclude the answer with a way forward.

Model Hint: Morality is a set of personal or social standards of what is right and good.

Morality strengthens the character of an individual, enhancing the trust level and eventually building strong relationships. It helps to achieve individual excellence. An individual’s actions aligned with his or her moral convictions provide a good conscience which helps her to take right decision in dilemma situations. It helps in achieving peace and harmony in the society.

It is the adherence of morality which establishes the proper social order in the society.


Narrow conception of good life, in which person gives preference of his narrow self interest.

Poor value system

Poor work culture

Bad socialization practices ( wrong examples by teachers, parents and peers)