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Case studies 1 ethics daily answer writing

Case studies 1 ethics daily answer writing

Case study:

. In two villages near to a smart city, villagers are protesting against the municipal corporation. The corporation is violating the NGT’s guidelines related to waste disposal. However the municipal corporation has not able to accommodate the indiscriminate expansion of the smart city with the problem of solid waste disposal reaching very high level. Therefore civic body has been dumping the waste in open landfill near the villages where the land was acquired for this purpose.

However NGT guidelines do not prescribe the disposal of solid waste in open.

It has been reported that methane emissions from the landfills have adversely affected the health of the villagers. It also contaminates the nearby agricultural land and the quality of drinking water.

Suppose you are the head of the civic body waste management department.

What are the administrative, social, and ethical issues you are facing in this case study?

How will you solve this issue, by addressing all the concern of related stakeholders? Justify with concrete reasons.

20 marks (250 words)