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UPSC Ethics daily answer writing mentoring programme 6th June model answers

UPSC Ethics daily answer writing mentoring programme 6th June model answers


  • Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, Determinants and Consequences of Ethics in – Human Actions; Dimensions of Ethics;

Question 1: The quality of human actions can be adversely affected by factors such as ignorance, passion and self-interest, thus resulting into socially undesirable results. In light of the above statement discuss the role of ethics improving quality of human action.


Approach: if a statement has been given. Try to briefly explain that statement. Link the statement with main demand of the question.
(Because in instruction it has been given that in light of the above statement

You can write the definition of ethics and link it with the essence of the above statement.

How adherence of ethical values improve quality of human actions.

In concluding part you can add how ethical values can be embedded in human beings so that socially desirable results can be achieved.

Model hint: Ethics is based on well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do. It is these ethical standards which provide basis to assess the quality of human actions. If ethical values like love, compassion, honesty and empathy have not been observed then it will result into narrow selfish actions.

Example : when doctor compromises medical ethics to earn more profits in his hospital. His actions are unethical because it compromises the best interest of his patients. It is applicable to all the fields.

Key aspect: we need to observe universal ethical values which are rationally scrutinized, so that our actions produce socially desirable results.

Question 2: To what extent shared social and cultural settings help an individual to construct his personal morality? Explain the statement with help of relevant examples.


Approach: You should define morality in simple words.

In this question we need to explore what role social and cultural settings play in development of an individual personal morality.

Write some examples to substantiate your view.

In conclusion you can write that the individual must strive to rationally scrutinize his personal moral beliefs, which will help him to lead an ethically upright life.

Model Hint;

Morality is concerned with right and wrong conduct aspects of human conduct. It represents a quality in behaviour having inclination towards right, good and acceptable.

It is based on individual values, preferences, choices, understanding which may or may not be universal.

Individuals develop their moral understanding with variety of sources. The social and cultural settings play a significant role in building the foundation of an individual’s personal morality.

The prevailing social and cultural values impact individual perception or beliefs towards idea of good or bad, moral or immoral.

Example: Eating non-vegetarian food and drinking alcohol considered to be immoral in few societies. People living in those societies accept this value and give it utmost importance. It is due to acceptance of individual as an integral part of that social circle.

However , it is better if such moral values are being assessed on the basis of rational arguments so that they may not become reason for rigid and irrational observance these. This might defeat the very idea of ethical life.