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Ethics Case study writing practice case study 2

Ethics Case study writing practice case study 2

case study 2:

3 In a recent survey the Gross Enrollment Ratio in higher education in a state found far below the national average of GER. To improve the GER the state government has started a student credit card scheme loan.

Under this scheme, a student who has passed the class 12 board exams but unable to pursue higher studies due to financial constraints is eligible to receive assistance in the form of low-interest loans. The scheme provides an education loan up to Rs 4 lakh with a simple interest of 5%.

However, as the scheme became popular, corruption crept in and middlemen started to exploit the provisions of schemes in collusion with several private universities.

The government initiated an enquiry and found that these private universities’ admission process were not transparent. It was also found that these universities diverted money into their accounts by exploiting the provisions of the scheme.

During this enquiry process the installments for the fee were withheld for these institutions. Due to this these institutions did not allow students to attend the classes. The students fear that this will result into shortage of attendance and eventually backlog in their semester exams.

Suppose you are a student who is also a beneficiary of the scheme. You are also preparing for civil services with your higher studies.

What will you think of administration? How will you address such situation if you become a civil servant in future? Will this incident give you any positive motivation or discourage you to join the civil services? Justify your view with reasons.                                               (250 words)20